New Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle – Get LocoCycle For $2

Well, this is an honest-to-God shocker. The Indie Gala Every Monday bundle just got a major-name game pretty quickly after release for a mere $2. For two dollars, you can get LocoCycle, Metal Drift, Ignite, Collateral, Zero Gear, and Race Injection. This is a racing-heavy bundle, and if you’ve got a thirst for racing action this week, it’s a good pickup. LocoCycle being available for only $2 is pretty astounding. Sure, it’s not the greatest game ever made, but I had a blast with it and loved the voice work. Lisa Foiles is hilarious as IRIS and really carries the game. Everything else, outside of the just-greenlit Collateral is a bit older, but seems solid enough based on the ratings for them. This is a definite must-buy bundle if you’ve ever been curious about LocoCycle. The price increases after 24 hours, so if you really want to minimize your expense with this, then act quickly.