Steam Weeklong Deals Begin – Jet Set Radio Only $2.50

With the recent release of Reicast on the OUYA, it’s easy to be in a Dreamcast-loving mindset right now. If you’re in one and haven’t checked out the HD version of Jet Set Radio, then you’ll want to snatch it up now for $2.50 as part of Steam’s weekly sale. While other games are on sale, JSR’s star shines the brightest. If you’ve never tried out Breath of Death VII or Cthulhu Saves the World, then now’s a good time as they’re only 98 cents.  The reboot of You Don’t Know Jack is only $5, so if you’ve got Big Picture mode going and a group of friends over, it’s a great way to spend $5. You’ll spend more on the beer to add some life to the evening than you will the game, unless you’re a cheapass. That’ts not a bad trait though, as $1.50 can get you Cargo Commander – and that’s a fantastic physics-based platformer. The beautiful Journal is only $5, so if you love adventure games, give it a shot. Anodyne can be yours for only $5 as well. There’s a ton of other stuff available, but these are the easiest things to recommend without many reservations.