Nintendo Selling Stunning Metroid Gunship Statue

We’re not ones to get excited over video game merchandise (totally not true), but Nintendo’s newest offering should get even the staunchest collectible detractor to fork over whatever is in their bank account. The company has begun selling a beautiful model of Samus Aran’s gunship from Metroid Prime. The gunship has been accurately recreated from the original game files, allowing for “unprecedented” levels of realism and accuracy as well as neat internal LEDs.

Unfortunately, it comes at a cost — £189.99 to be exact — which is a whopping $320 in USD. Those who live in the UK get free shipping, however, and we’re honestly too afraid to even find out what shipping is to the U.S. as it will shatter our dreams. But hey, maybe it will become a reward at Club Nintendo!

Right? …Nintendo? Right?

Ah well, check out shots of the statue below to torture you: