The 7th Guest 3 Seeks Crowdfunding Support Again

It might be weird to us now, but there was a time when a game simply coming out on disc for PC was cause for excitement. One of the first titles to do so was The 7th Guest. This point and click style adventure game utilized 3D environments and FMV characters in a way that few had seen before. Its sequel, The 11th Guest expanded by basically filming a movie.

Trilobyte Games are hoping their legacy and fans will fund a third game in the Stauf Mansion series. The 7th Guest 3 – The Collector is being crowdfunded via Crowdhoster. This is not the first attempt at making the game, but last time Trilobyte were unable to reach their goal of $400,000.

The developers are asking for $65,000 in funding by the end of May. At $25 you can nab a digital download of The 7th Guest 3 while it costs $120 for a boxed version.