Wargaming.net, 2014 eSports League Begins

Does your mother — insert: girlfriend, sugardaddy, teacher, teddy bear — still give you crap about wasting time playing video games? Well, here’s your chance to prove them wrong. Well, if you’re incredibly skilled, that is. And live in one of the appropriate regions. And are already signed up for the tournament. And… you know what? Just stop playing video games if it’ll make those bastards happy. Continue when they’re asleep or dead or cooking your meals.

More importantly: Wargaming has officially announced the first season of “I can’t believe I’m not better at video games,” better known as the 2014 Wargaming.net League. The prize pool is pretty ridiculous, too. With $2.5 million on the line, you best believe the battle’s going to be brutal. Five regions will be duking it out, likely manipulating one another with their countries’ traditional sorcery. More information can be found in your respective crystal balls, but also on the Wargaming website.

Ready those weapons, the launch dates for each region:

1) Asia + Korea – May 10th
2) European Union – May 12th
3) North America – May 12th
4) Commonwealth of Independent States – May 19th
5) China – May 26th