Steam Weeklong Deals Begin – Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Only $5

It’s Monday! That means there’s a whole bunch of stuff on sale on Steam – some of which is actually worth playing. MirrorMoon EP is definitely in that category, and at $6, it’s an easy recommendation for folks in the mood for a slow-paced exploration game. If you want something a bit faster, then Guns of Icarus Online might be to your liking. At only $3.75 thanks to a 75% discount, you’re unlikely to get it much cheaper. Speaking of which, it’s hard to fathom Hydrophobia Prophecy being any cheaper than 50 cents. Sonic Generations is a must at only $7.50 if you haven’t picked it up in prior sales. Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed is also only $5, and with the PC version being the definitive version, it’s another easy recommendation to pick up. Violett at $3.40 is a must for platforming fans, while those seeking a good beat-em-up along the lines of the ’90s Dungeons and Dragons ones will love Sacred Citadel. Beyond those top-tier games, you’ve also got stuff like Kung Fu Strike for $2.50, Draw a Stickman Epic for $2.50, and Oozi at $3.40.