The Adventures of Chris Released on the OUYA Storefront

The OUYA has a ton of games that get stealth releases. You boot up the system to check out a game or two for a bit and then hop on the storefront to see what’s new. Sometimes, you’ll get absolute garbage that you just need to try out to say you did. Other times, you’ll find a somewhat hidden gem – The Adventures of Chris is just that kind of game. It’s a 2D sidescrolling platformer starring a rotund kid named Chris. While his attire may be a bit like Chris Griffin, that’s about the only similarity. This Chris actually has a functioning brain – and fists! They come in handy for spider-punching, while his jumping skills allow him to evade enemies and/or flames thrown by ghosts. There’s a floating mechanic for certain stages with a short-range attack in mid-flight to give you a fighting chance against waves of enemies. At only $2, this is an easy recommendation to pick up if you dig the free portion.