Humble Indie Bundle 8 Returns as a Daily Bundle

This excellent bundle has returned to offer up one of the finest pay what you want setups yet. For any price you see fit, you can get Dear Esther, Capsized, Awesomenauts, Thomas Was Alone, and Little Inferno. As if that wasn’t great enough, if you pay more than $3.38, you’ll get Hotline Miami, Proteus, Tiny and Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers, English Country Tune, Intrusion 2, and Oil Rush.¬†That means for less than the cost of a sub at Subway, you get 11 games and 10 OSTs between them. It’s an incredible value that you simply can’t miss out on if you’ve ever loved, or have been intrigued by indie gaming. Hotline Miami alone is worth spending a $3-ish for since it’s one of the best indie games ever made, and plays very well with either keyboard and mouse setup or a 360 pad.