Chuck E. Cheese Considering Oculus Rift

Let that title sink in before you continue reading. Chuck E. Cheese, the second happiest place on earth, is about to embark on a six-week quest to determine whether the Oculus has what it takes to join the plethora of coin-operated fun machines. The first run begins in Dallas, with San Diego and Orlando following in the coming weeks. Shocking, I know.

Unfortunately, the device will only be on offer to kids’ parents who book a birthday party during the products trial, and the shenanigans are limited to the “Virtual Ticket Blaster Experience” crafted by ReelFX. However, it’s the possibilities that are, without a doubt, quite attractively endless.

Naturally, your virtual tickets can be redeemed for whatever crap’s stacked behind the counter, but the true joy will surly come from experiencing the virtual world. I tried to contact a Chuck E. Cheese in Dallas for more information, but it seems I’ve been placed on some sort of “blacklist.”

We’ll keep you updated, so check back for the trial results. Or, you know, don’t.