DS/Wii Online Connection Still Functioning Thanks to Homegrown Server

While Nintendo has cut official Wi-Fi connection servers completely offline for DS and Wii consoles, they should have known that advocates of the service have been working to make a different connection for their devices. At Github, there are full-fledged instructions for how disable Nintendo’s WFC and reconnect to the fun using homebrew mechanisms.

While this may be a great idea for DS and Wii fans who are still keeping track of their legend status on Mario Kart Wii or still looking to trade some more blows with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there have been some reports saying that online connection for some games won’t entirely work on this unofficial server. The writer of the wiki notes that there is some room for some growth and that games like Mario Kart Wii will need some special attention in order to completely gain online functionality.

What we do know is that, like the Gamespy dilemma, fans of the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS are still aching to play games online as much as they have been during the 10 years. This is probably the next best thing for players who are looking to get back online. If you’re one of the many who fall into this category, check out how you can keep gaming by following the instructions written here.