Congratulations to Harmonix and Their Fans on Making Amplitude Happen

It didn’t look good for Amplitude, thanks to a Kickstarter that began strong-ish and then loitered its way through the weeks, but with less than a day to go on the clock it’s official- Amplitude has hit its goal and is going to happen.  Thanks to a last-minute rally of fans and professionals Amplitude is a success, and a new game is going to hit PS3 and PS4 in 2015.  There’s still a few (very few) hours on the clock as of this writing, and Harmonix has put up an optimistic stretch goal for online multiplayer, but the important thing is that Amplitude is currently $28,000 over goal and climbing.

There’s a lot of negative things one can say about the business of creating a new Amplitude.  It’s a niche game, it doesn’t make a lot of business sense for Harmonix to put resources into something they know won’t pay for itself, and the artificially-limited market of PS3/PS4 isn’t helping its potential sales.  Screw it, though, because sometimes you’ve got to create things out of sheer love of creation.  Frequency and Amplitude put Harmonix on the map, and while the two games were commercial failures they were also obviously passion projects.  The abstract gameplay and non-mainstream music selection were the results of talent happily working away in its own little world, so while the games have an enthusiastic cult following they were never going to clear the million-unit mark.  A new Amplitude probably won’t be seeing mega-hit numbers either, but the world would be a really boring place if money was the only motivating factor in creation.  13,000 people and over $800,000 of their money agree, and the result will be the first new game in Harmonix’s debut series in 12 years.  Way to go, everyone!