The Order 1886 Reveal Coming to Twitch Today

According to the Twitch PlayStation account, Sony has plans to reveal something about The Order 1886 today. The only information that’s been provided was a quote, reading “the revolution will be televised.” Quite enigmatic. The event is happening at 1:00 PM PT, but what it will feature, and whether it’s worth adjusting your schedule for, has yet to be determined. Although it’s been suggested that new gameplay will be shown, making the viewing worth the trouble for those with the game on radar.

A note for folks unfamiliar: The Order 1886 is a third-person action-adventure game being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 by Ready at Dawn. The game takes place in an alternate steampunk London that’s been destroyed by war and a plague of half-breed monsters. There’s an interesting take on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, too.

While little else is known about The Order 1886, it’s hard to imagine SCE Santa Monica Studio collaborating on a bad game. And with that said, we’re excited. Check back for more The Order 1886 news, and be sure to view the Twitch stream today.