Here Comes The Resogun DLC

Do you enjoy shattering ships and screen-sized bosses into billions of tiny, vibrant voxels? We’ll go with yes for the sake of this post. How about rushing through gorgeous cylindrical levels in fast-paced, high-octane battles? Again, we’ll go with a yes here, too. Well, your prayers have been answered. The DLC announced back in January has finally resurfaced, along with a June release confirmed.

Developer Housemarque has dropped a single teaser image, and while it doesn’t spell out any real details, it does get the blood pumping in anticipation. If you’ve yet to play Resogun — one of the PlayStation 4’s best titles to date — there’s no better time than the present. And even if you have, prepare yourself for the influx of content by playing some more. It’s that good.

Check out the image below:

resogun teaser