Amazon Gold Box Deals Go Gaming-Centric, InFamous Second Son Drops to $36

By golly, MAY 27 IS NOW! That means that all day today, you can grab inFamous: Second Son for $36. With the recent addition of an update that allows HUD-free screenshots, this is a must-buy. It’s an excellent open-world game, and something that should help scratch that itch if you’re not jonesing for Watch Dogs. Lightning deals will be available throughout the day, with the first one being for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. It’s got a price range going from $10 to $35, and given the plethora of versions, it seems like the portable ones would likely be $10, while the next-gen console ones are closer to $40. It’s kind of a random deal, but with the LEGO Movie just being released on Amazon in digital form, it makes sense.