Spintires Gets Release Date, Awesome WubWubDubstep Trailer

It hasn’t even been a year since Spintires wrapped up its Kickstarter but apparently production has been barreling along in exactly the way that a giant truck lumbering through a mud pit doesn’t.  Apparently the developer has a sense of symmetry, because the release date for Spintires is exactly one year to the day from the campaign’s conclusion- June 13.  And what better way is there to announce the coming event than with a video of giant trucks manhandling the earth by the sheer brute force of tire traction paired with a hard dubsted beat?  None.  None at all.

Soundtrack aside, Spintires released a tech demo last year we found highly impressive.  It featured a pair of vehicles you could switch between, a good sampling off terrain to wrestle them through, and overall it sat nicely between sim and something more video-game-y.  Like the full game, the demo is modable, and the fans have released plenty of content for it already including new maps and vehicles.  It’s not hard to predict the full game will be blown apart by creative types, but at the moment the content level of the full game is a bit of a mystery thanks to a home page that’s not particularly informative.  Still, the core gameplay was great fun last year and there’s no reason to think it’s been downgraded since, so we’re definitely looking forward to getting our hands on Spintires for a more detailed look…

June 13.  E3 week.


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