Humble Weekly RPG Maker Bundle Released

The RPG Maker series has hit consoles a few times, but it was clearly something better-suited for PC. As software on Steam, it’s rarely on sale – but is actually on sale now with VX Ace being $17.50. However, the Humble Bundle folks have a much better value for your dollar right now. This week’s humble bundle gives you VX for whatever you want along with DLC and some games crafted with the RPG Maker toolset. This tier is already one of the better values offered up in the pay what you want teir, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. $6 gets you RPG Maker XP, more DLC content, and another bundle of games made with the toolset – including To the Moon. Finally, for $12, you can get the Game Character Hub, another set of DLC, and Lgionwood 2. The best value is definitely the $6 teir, which gets you the most recent version of the software at a savings of $19. This is an astonishing value, so if you’ve got a knack for game creation, or have always wanted to make an RPG, give this a shot even if you only buy the VX Ace tier.