PS Store Update Goes Live – Trine 2: Complete Story, PixelJunk Shooter, and NBA 2K14 Are PS+ Freebies

June starts off the revamped PS+ setup, and the month starts off strong with Trine 2: Complete story and PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate being free for PS4 owners. PJSU is also free for Vita owners, while PS3 owners gets NBA 2K14  at no charge. War Thunder is a new free-to-play offering, while 1001 Spikes is a $15 cross-buy and Murdered: Soul Suspect will set you back $60 on both the PS3 and PS4. PS Vita Pets launches for $20, and is around a decade late for the whole portable system pet craze.

Weekly sale deals include Rainbow Moon for $5, about nine million pieces of DLC for under $1. AquaPazza is $15 The EA Sports UFC demo is also available now for PS4 owners, and it should control far better on the PS4 than the Xbox One due to the heavy reliance on bumper buttons.

A new flash sale has begun, taking the Mass Effect Trilogy to a mere $15, and making it a must-own for those with a lot of storage space left. The same goes for Ni No Kuni at $5. The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is $30 on each system, while Dragon Age: Origins is $5, and Demon’s Souls is $10. Soul Sacrifice is a mere $6.50 on the Vita, and a must-have if you missed it as a PS+ freebie. This is a massive week for deals, so fire up your PS systems of all shapes and sizes and have some fun!