Media Molecule Won’t Be At E3 2014

Sony and its first-party studios have been very quiet recently.  We know that Evolution Studios is working on DriveClub and Naughty Dog is doing Uncharted PS4, plus there are assumptions that Sony Santa Monica is hard at work on the next God of War and Guerrilla Games is expanding their skills on a brand new IP, but what about the others? Well, we might learn what’s going on at Sony’s studios at E3, but Media Molecule isn’t one of them.

Media Molecule, the studio behind the excellent the LittleBigPlanet franchise and Tearaway, have confirmed that they will not be attending E3 2014.

Media Molecule are rumored to be working on a brand new IP for the PS4, though details are being kept very hush-hush. Perhaps Sony is saving a Media Molecule announcement for Gamescom 2014, just as Microsoft is saving Quantum Break for that show.  Only time will tell.