Phil Spencer Wishes Sony A Good E3 2014

The internet is filled with so much hate between Xbox and PlayStation fans that its hard to remember that everyone in the industry is good friends that wish no ill will on each other.  Obviously, each company wants to sell the most units, but they know that competition is good.  With that in mind, Xbox Head Phil Spencer has some kind words for Sony.

On Twitter, someone asked if Sony is intimidated by Phil Spencer, who then shrugged it off saying that Sony is a great company.  “I don’t think Sony is intimidated. Sony is great brand and strong team. Competition is good, they’ll have a good E3.”

Good sportsmanship, Phil!  Sony has yet to tweet out a response, but we like to imagine that they’re wishing Microsoft a good E3 as well.  E3 2014 takes place next week on June 9-12.  Microsoft and Sony will hold their press conferences on June 9.