E3 2014: PlayStation All-Stars Round 2 Leaked?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s smash hit (no pun intended) party fighting game, Super Smash Bros., which took an all-star cast of all things Nintendo (and the Nintendo fringe) and put them in a a chaotic four player fracas, but with PlayStation characters.

E3 is kicking off tomorrow, and it looks like one of Sony’s big surprises for the show has been leaked, as a Twitter user by the name of @cantpucks has posted the following animated gif, leaking the announcement of the sequel, PlayStation All-Stars Round 2:

The first title came title with mixed reviews, but was relatively successful.  That said, with Nintendo’s next Smash Bros. game coming out later this year, Sony’s going to have to step up their game with Round 2 if they’re expecting to get a piece of this pie.  With Sony’s Conference set for tomorrow evening, we’ll be sure to find out on whether or not this is an official game or another internet hoax.  More on this as we find out about it.