Interested in Indies During E3? Check Out IndiE3

Chances are if you’re on Hardcore Gamer that you’re desperately in love with video games. As such, E3 stands as an unofficial holiday to many. But why only focus on the developers and publishers who can afford glitzy showcases and booths? Although independent games are growing, there’s still not a huge space for them at E3.

That’s where The IndiE3 Project comes in. It is a brand new digital convention where gamers will be able to view new indie game trailers, listen to talks, watch streams, and even jump into a game jam. The whole thing kicks off on June 9th and continues on until June 16th. Titles such as Charlotte Seeker, Desperado Voyage, Glitchhikers, and over 80 more are set to get their chance in the spotlight. Just a few of their upcoming streaming talks include Writing about Experimental Games, Helping People With Videogames: Livestreams and Fundraising, and Designing Role Playing Games Without Combat.

IndiE3 may be missing the pomp and circumstance of E3, but that’s part of what makes it so appealing. You can learn more about this event via their website. Gamers who aren’t swayed by IndiE3 can rest assured that E3 is still on and will be just as awesome as it is every year. However, those who simply need every bit of gaming news possible should find IndiE3 worth looking into.