E3 2014: Destiny Kicks Off Sony’s Conference

Sony didn’t want to hold back and definitely kicked off their conference with a much anticipated title. Darkness has returned to finish the job they started. To eliminate light and take over the planet. But you carry the last remaining light. If you fail to protect the planet, everything will be gone forever. There are no second chances. No pressure.

Destiny will have PS4-exclusive content, like a lot of other recent multiplayer titles. While Microsoft takes timed exclusive DLC from some of the industry’s biggest multiplayer titles, Sony’s managed to snag a lot of entirely exclusive content for campaign-driven games.

As an added bonus, PS4 players can join beta testing starting July 17. And even more goodies, starting this Thursday and lasting through the weekend some lucky gamers will be allowed to check out Destiny in it’s alpha testing stages. And with yet another bit of bonus info, a white PS4 bundle with Destiny will be available in stores on September 9.