E3 2014: Entwined Unveiled, Looks Pretty Alright

A game about two souls in love who can’t be together? Sounds like a bad Lifetime movie. But it’s not that, actually; instead, it’s a weird amalgamation of serene gameplay and obscure mechanics that have a very That Game Company vibe. From the brief trailer that developer Pixel Opus showed off, Entwined has players controlling two birds via Twinstick controls, creating a spectacle of 3D flying, soaring through dark backdrops accented by the vibrant, neon colors of the birds and various other on-screen objects.

Best of all, the game is available right now for $9.99 on PS4 — talk about dropping a game out of nowhere, right?! Better still, the title will feature cross-buy with Vita and PS3 when they launch at a later time.