E3 2014: Borderlands pre-sequel lands on the moon in October

They may be about 45 years behind NASA, but 2K Australia has finally put men on the moon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

The game will be chalk-full of references to the other Borderlands games, which were already full of pop-culture references (stop me when your head is spinning), including the nature of the game itself. The game is based on the Hyperion Moonbase, which was seen, but not accessed in Borderlands 2.

You can also play as Wilhelm, a boss in Borderlands 2, and Athena, a downloadable content character from Borderlands.

The demo of the Pre-Sequel was jam-packed with everything you expect thus far, crazy weapons, chaotic explosions, etcetera. But also, playing on the moon allows for Halo-style leaps and bounds, and for enemies’ pieces to float through the air (what would a game on the moon be without that?)

The game is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for those who have been itching for more Borderlands, and it comes out October 17.