E3 2014: Heavy Bullets Is A Neon Nightmare

Imagine a First Person Shooter created in the realm where Max Headroom lives, a sort of Virtual Reality space reminiscent of what movie producers and directors thought computers looked like in the 90’s, and that’s what you get for Devolver Digital’s upcoming title, Heavy Bullets.

In this FPS-Roguelike hybrid, you get 6 bullets and a slew of enemies coming at you.  You can make money from killing your enemies that allow you to buy things like health, additional bullets, and other items to get you through each level.  You can also level-up your various powers, for example, you start with being able to only carry a certain number of items, if you upgrade that skill you can carry more items.

There are currently 8 levels in total, and the developers are updating this every single week, and finally, if you want to get your hands on this, you can as early as NOW, as it is currently available on PC, Mac, and Linux now through Steam Early-Access.