E3 2014: Infamous Second Son: First Light Showcased

As revealed during yesterday’s debut trailer, First Light is Fetch’s origin story. This will be the first piece of Infamous DLC that lets you control another character, although since Desmond eventually gets her neon powers, you’ll be pretty used to her instantly. Still, she does play differently though – she’s faster than Desmond, so if you felt like he was a bit on the slow side, give her a shot. The devs actually held off on Desmond’s neon powers because folks only wanted to use them during development, so they dialed them back for him and kept all the really crazy stuff for Fetch. First Light is an expandalone game, but if you own Second Son already, you’ll get some bonus content. This follows what they did with the vampire-themed DLC campaign for Infamous 2, but with added content if you own the core game. The game launches in August for $15 – so if you loved the neon powers, and Fetch, you’ll get your money’s worth out of it. I found that she was the most interesting character in the entire game, so I’m eagerly-awaiting it.