E3 2014: Nintendo Wants You to do X With Them

One of my most anticipated titles of E3 has been X for the Wii U. With its unique MMO-style combat system, huge open world, and compelling science fantasy story, Xenoblade chronicles was arguably the single best JRPG of the last generation. The sequel, codenamed X, could only improve on that with  HD graphics and, most vitally, giant freaking robots.

In its Nintendo Direct this morning, Nintendo unveiled a new story trailer for the upcoming JRPG. The tale focuses on a group of human refugees who’ve come from earth to a new planet, and there appears to be some kind of ideological conflict between them that involves a lot of giant robots shooting each other. If I had to guess, I’d imagine that Xenoblade Chronicles X serves as a prequel to the original Xenoblade Chronicles, setting up the war of Titans that created the original game’s beautiful and compelling world. I’m already prepared to pick this up the day it releases, some time in 2015.