Thoughts After Attending The Sony E3 Theater Experience

The excitement was evident for Sony’s E3 conference. Even more so after Sony announced the Sony E3 theater experience allowing Sony fans and gamers to pack movie theaters across the United States to take in the Sony conference in a large group. I wasted no time signing up once the signups went live. After watching the Xbox Conference at home, i left with a few friends attend the Sony show. When we arrived and saw the line, we were really happy that we decided to arrive early.

The line at the Regal theater in Union Square, NYC must have been around 100 people long 3 hours before the show even started. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we decided to join the line. I am pretty sure that some of the fans at the front of the line had been there since early morning. After standing in the line for 30 seconds, and taking in the Manhattan view, our tour of duty on line was abruptly ended. A theater employee came out to the line and announced that anyone possessing a confirmation ticket, could go right into the theater.

Surprisingly, my 3 friends and I were the only ones to go into the theater. The 200+ people waiting in line all were there hoping that some patrons did not show up so they can grab a seat. I don’t think many of them ever made it in. The talk between fans during the wait time was regarding the 12 character Playstation code everyone received on a badge. Everyone wondered what it was for as it was known that the guests would receive “gifts”.

After having some theater snacks and chopping it up with fans for 2 hours, the show was finally starting. When the show’s first screen came on, the crowd let off a huge applause to show their thanks to Sony. My one and only complaint about the show was the buffering video that we experienced in the theater. It seemed that the show was being fed from a computer that did not have a good signal. Luckily it did not buffer during important scenes and was fixed soon enough to keep the crowd happy.

Sony was treated with tremendous cheering throughout the show as the crowd seemed to be very pleased with what they were seeing. The games which received the loudest applause were Little Big Planet 3, Mortal Kombat X, and of course Uncharted 4. Sony fans were also treated to an extra 30 minutes of theater time that included exclusive footage that was not shown at the Sony conference in Lost Angeles. After the extra 30 minutes, Sony finally announced what the prizes were to the fans. The code on the back of the badge turned out to be the main gift which was a Beta code to Battlefield Hardline starting 16 June, an alpha code to Destiny starting on 12 June, $5 PSN voucher to use in the PSN Store, and 30 free days of Music Unlimited.

The crowd was thrilled with the gifts they had received. Upon walking out the theater, fans were also treated with a Sony poster commemorating the games that were just announced. The experience overall was thrilling. It was great to congregate with Sony fans from all over New York City who all share the love of gaming. The gifts were a great touch by Sony to show their appreciation to their most loyal fans. Would I attend the same show if offered next year? In a heartbeat!