E3 2014: BigFest Lets You Create a Music Festival Free of Charge

BigFest is an upcoming Vita game that puts players in control of managing their own music festival. This tycoon-style game gives control over the music performances and how the venue is decked out. Music buffs in particular might like the game thanks to the preference it gives toward spotlighting up and coming artists.

When playing BigFest, you’ve got to select which songs are performed by the band. Different songs amp up the audience in a variety of ways, although that’s hardly all that makes the festival a success. Even if the musicians are jamming, guests are quick to get annoyed by things like lack of food and drinks. There are a host of different food stands to create, although some require unlocking first. This is just one example of the multitude of needs players will need to keep track of.

It’s important to note that BigFest also happens to be a free-to-play title. The developers have promised to keep things fair for both free and paying players, but we’ll see how that works out once it launches.