E3 2014: Dance Central Spotlight Goes Digital-Only

Dance Central made Xbox 360 owners happy to own a Kinect. Now, the franchise is set to use the new and vastly-improved Kinect to craft the best entry to date. Series die-hards will be glad to know that Dance Central Spotlight will use the DLC songs from Dance Central 3. Unfortunately, disc-only songs won’t be carried over – but this is a fantastic savings for folks who invested a lot in Dance Central 3. Spotlight will be the first digital-only entry, and this shift means that Harmonix will be able to get the rights to songs much faster than when they were tethered to a disc model. Beyond just having fun dancing, you’ll also have exercise dance routines. Songs are going to be $2 each, and ten songs will be available soon after release with eight dance routines each – so $20 gets you 80 new dances. Harmonix is aiming to make this more user-friendly than past games, but long-time fans shouldn’t be upset. A mode will be included just for the super-crazy hardcore fans to check out that will test their mettle and make any newcomer crumble.  The move to digital-only is fantastic and keeps the trend going of prior-gen games that falter on shelves faring far better in digital format. We saw that last-gen with side-scrolling platformers where even top-notch ones like the Rayman games bombed at retail, but did quite well in a digital format. The inclusion of Dance Central 3 is fantastic news and makes this a far better value than it otherwise would’ve been. Anyone who loved prior games will certainly love Spotlight when it comes out this fall.