E3 2014: Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King Revealed

Dark Souls II has gotten rave reviews, and it’s about to get its first piece of DLC. The Crown of the Sunken King takes place over a series of chapters. Each one sees you get a new crown, and each crown contains more power. The Crown of the Sunken King will be broken up into three parts and it was never planned before the game’s release. Dark Souls II was so well-received that the devs decided to come up with new content.  The difficulty will be higher in the DLC than in the main game because the developers believe most people interested in it will have made significant progress, and you’ll need to be at a certain point to access the DLC. The main route is already set to be hard, but those seeking a true challenge will have a challenging route.

Yes, there will be A CHALLENGING ROUTE in a Dark Souls game. Normally, only DLC owners will be able to play the DLC, but if you go into the challenging route, you can invite someone who doesn’t own it to come in and play it in co-op.  This will be accomplished with an accessibility pack for non-DLC owners and a game update for those that own it so everyone can play. The DLC will be available individually, so if you only want one set of DLC, you can do so. However, a season pass is available for those who want to play through everything – and doing so will unless a special surprise. One reason the DLC is being split into three parts is so people can start playing it sooner. This makes me think that it’s not quite 100% done yet, but they’d like to start making some money on it as quickly as possible. Sadly, no release date or price for either each part or the season pass was announced but if you dug the main game, you’ll want to get at least one part of the DLC to expand the experience.