E3 2014: Defenders of Time Gives the Old Tower Defense Genre a Makeover

The tower defense genre has had the same formula since forever. Luckily, Defenders of Time is going to change up the genre by allowing co-op modes and custom maps. It was inspired by games such as Warcraft III and Cube Defense. Defenders of Time has been in the works since November 2012 and there’s a lot to show for it. The team at Fourlights wanted to recapture the rich content of those games but bring it to the next level.

The game has a single player mode where you’ll fend off against ground and air enemies. You build can build mazes on your map to route your targets into a towers’ path. The footage at E3 showed off a variety of towers. Some are only used as power multipliers, ground attacks and others need to be grouped together to actually have an effect. Rounds can last for 10-15 minutes. There is future hope for the game to include sharing of custom-made maps so others can play them.

For multiplayer games, only one person needs the game. The rest of your friends can just hop on and play without a copy. It will be available in either August or September for twenty dollars. It will be out for PC and Mac and if there’s room in the future it will be on mobile devices.