E3 2014: Dubstep is the Weapon in DubWars

Dubstep is an incredibly popular genre of music at the moment and continues to find its way into video games. However, right now there’s only one game actually based around dubstep – DubWars. This upcoming rhythm shooter gives players a top-down perspective to reign bright bullets on enemies. If you’re looking for a new twin-stick shooter and dubstep then this title should be up your alley.

The player’s powers are dependent on the music. For example, if there are quiet areas then you’ll have weaker weaponry. Development has been hard at work to make sure included songs are just as awesome to listen to outside of gameplay as during it. The hope is to have artists included that are recognizable to dubstep fans.

As of right now, the developers have only targeted PC and Ouya, but they’re hoping to bring DubWars to PS4, Xbox One, and mobile platforms as well. The Early Access beta on Steam (available this Friday) will include five songs, but more are coming for the final release. This is all an exciting jump from the game’s Kickstarter origins.