E3 2014: Freedom Wars Playable on PlayStation TV, Coming in 2014 to North America

Freedom Wars was first shown off months ago during the same Japan-only press conference that revealed the Vita TV.  You have been convicted of living, and you’re serving a ONE MILLION YEAR LIFE SENTENCE. Everyone in the world does is being watched, depriving folks of their freedom – by battling, you’ll be teaming up with others trying to get your freedom back. The Vita has shown that it can make those kinds of games work very well on the go with Soul Sacrifice. The game will be compatible with the PlayStation TV, so if you want to play it on the big screen, you’ll be able to. This is fantastic news as this should be a fun game on the go, but will definitely be a bit more fun to play in long stretches on a TV. An item called the thorn lets you not only slash away at foes up close, but also free some trapped civilians, and extend it from your arm to swing around and hook yourself to an enemy and keep them stuck. This is temporary though, so you’ll need to have your partners mashing away at them to do as much damage as possible.

Enemy damage is fairly expansive – you can even destroy limbs and start using them as a weapon for your own benefit after equipping it. The game’s length is estimated at being above 20 hours and to prevent things from getting boring, it will be more story-heavy than most Monster Hunter-style games. If you don’t want to play online, you’ll still be able to enjoy a bit of a co-op experience  thanks to some AI helpers. The far more modern setting makes this stand out from anything else in the genre, and the much brighter color scheme features a bit more life to it than the usual brown or super-dark motifs. Freedom Wars is influenced by anime, including modern stuff like Attack on Titan and classic stuff like Evangelion, so anyone with a love for either of those franchises may want to give it a shot. Freedom Wars is set for a North American release before the end of the year, but those wanting an authentic Japanese experience can have it with the Japanese language option being available. While Monster Hunter clones have almost become a genre unto themselves, Freedom Wars does at least stand out thank to the heavy anime influence and should be a fine showcase for the PlayStation TV when it finally hits at some point this year.