E3 2014: Guns Up! Revealed

Guns Up! doesn’t just feature an exclamation point, it’s also got an action-heavy twist to offer up the wel-worn tire defense genre. Like an FPS, you can pick your loadout before a round, but you’ve got a team-based setup that reminds me a little bit of an RTS – only with a much closer view of the combat. One-off challenges will be featured to help better your skills in one aspect – like having to win a round in only a few minutes.

It’s a free-to-play game, but you do have the option of buying stuff if you so desire. If you never spend a dime, you’ll still be able to play the whole game without being at a disadvantage – so even with this being a combat-focused game, it isn’t pay to win. Paying will give you more customization options and speed up troop respawns, so there are advantages of paying a little bit of money. Guns Up! is going to be available on the Vita, PS3, and PS4 as a free-to-play game.

It’s also cross-play with cross-save functionality so you can gain some levels while at work and then carry that data over when you get home.  With the free-to-play setup, it’s easy to imagine this being a perfect gateway game for folks who haven’t checked out tower defense games before. Sadly, Guns Up! doesn’t have a set release date beyond the fiscal year of 2014 – although a calendar year release hasn’t been completely ruled out.