E3 2014: Juju is an Adorable Platformer for One or Two Players

Flying Wild Hog is a developer known primarily for shooters thanks to their work on Hard Reset and, more recently, Shadow Warrior. It seems hard to imagine such a group working on a family-friendly game but that’s exactly what Juju is.

Juju is a colorful 2D platformer that can be played alone or with a buddy. Players take on the role of Juju and Peyo and attempt to stop an evil enemy with the powers of chanting, dancing, and head-stomping. The landscape is incredibly colorful and has a lot of kid-friendly flourishes such as a boss octopus that looks like a pool toy more than anything else. Then there are the aforementioned abilities such as dancing, which cause enemies to stop patrolling and boogie down.

Players can jump in and out of multiplayer at will so there’s no need to completely restart a level. One character is also more technical than the other, allowing for beginner players to enjoy the game alongside a more proficient partner. So far Juju looks like a lovely little action platformer and is confirmed as coming to PC and PS3 this fall.