E3 2014: Landmark Brings SOE’s Toolset to the Players

Sony Online Entertainment is known for a variety of MMOs, the latest being EverQuest Next. In building their new game, the team developed Landmark to aid further creation. Landmark was then opened up to players so they could get their hands at creating new, exciting content.

So far, it has proved to be a huge hit. In a post-Minecraft world it just makes sense to empower players with amazing tools. Players are free to create things as they please, even when they go beyond the expected fantasy realms that many MMOs stick to. For example, players have already created futuristic sci-fi goodness and there’s nothing stopping them from doing even more.

With so much creativity open to players there will be some who abuse the system. All users can flag offensive content which will then be reviewed. Users who regularly flag inappropriate content will find their complaints acted upon sooner. On the other hand, people who troll by flagging everything won’t get nearly as quick attention on their flags, or even be ignored entirely.

The closed beta for Landmark is available directly from Sony Online Entertainment’s website as well as Steam Early Access. There are a variety of “packs” to buy and start playing the game with. However, once Landmark launches in full it will be free-to-play.