E3 2014 Styx: Master of Shadows Sneaking Onto Consoles

Upcoming game, Styx: Master of Shadows was demoed today on the Samsung stage. The game took me by surprise because I will admit, I was not familiar with this title before today. Styx: Master of Shadows is based on stealth. As soon as the demo started, I was quickly reminded of Dishonored. The art design had a sense of familiarity from the last stealth series I had played.

In Styx, the protagonist is a goblin. Yes, you read that correct. You play the role of a goblin and the the goal in the game is to steal a precious heart. I am not sure if the story can get any more weird at this point. Not only is the main character a goblin, but he also has magic as his main weapon.

Styx can use magic to make himself invisible making it a bit easier to sneak around without being detected for a short time. From what I observed in the demo, the game is best played trying to move in the shadows. Just like in another recent stealth game, Thief, lights can be turned off to help you get around easier. They can also be turned back on by the enemy. Players can choose weather to play the game as a stealthy goblin or a killer goblin. The developer stated that either way would be fun.

A couple fun weapons or “magic tricks” that I took note  of that can be applied by Styx was making a clone of yourself and using acid. When you make a clone of yourself, you can send that clone out like a drone to see if any traps are set. You can also use your clone to distract enemies while you take care of other tasks. The acid was used to dissolve an enemy body after Styx had sliced him to death.  Styx looks to make an interesting landing on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One at the end of the 3rd qtr. Stay tuned for more information.