E3 2014: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Addresses Accessibility and Character Crossovers

What’s a good augmented reality game without copious amounts of figures? Disney’s answer to Skylanders, Disney Infinity, is seeing its first big update with Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes. It’s effectively the second version of the game, and features characters such as Spider-Man and The Avengers team of heroes.

There are a handful of tweaks this game brings to the mix. One main point it differs is that the original Disney Infinity didn’t allow for cross play between characters of different series unless you were in Toybox mode. Because comic book characters often interact across boundaries, there are now Crossover stories that allow players to bring various heroes into the worlds of others. Toybox has seen its own tweaks as well. Now there is a mode that allows for the procedural generation of worlds to make it more accessible.


In another attempt to increase usage and fun of Toybox mode, there are now more filters to push entertaining Toyboxes to the forefront for players. Anyone can now up/downvote the worlds they come across. They can also mark which levels seem especially well-suited toward certain characters. That way, anyone who comes home with a brand new figure will be able to quickly jump into fun after completing their associated story.

We got our hands on both the game and figures at E3 and were impressed by how quality has improved in the former and sustained in the latter. These are some great looking collectibles. Hulk must be seen to believed — he is a weighty, large figurine with a solid build quality. On the Spider-man side of things, Venom is no slouch either. Rivaling Hulk as the biggest 2.0 figurine, he has an imposing stance and highly detailed mouth and tongue complete with slobber. All of the smaller figures have incredible detail including all of the lines in Iron Man’s suit.

The game itself plays better than ever before. The Avenger’s world will be four times the size of the one that appeared in The Incredibles and now has improved mission markers to improve navigation. To enchance the aforementioned Toybox mode, a super fan was hired at Disney via Twitter and brought in to shape the vision of how this building mode works. Instead of aimlessly placing around objects, there is now a lot more structure in the mode to better guide players on how to create. Clearly, Disney is committed to bring the best possible Infinity experience to players.

Fans both new and old have a few months to save up for all the new Marvel figures. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is coming on September 23rd for basically all current major platforms outside of 3DS.