E3 2014: Planetside 2 on PS4 Will Be Equivalent to PC on Ultra and Run at 1080p

Planetside 2 first hit PC in 2012 and has become the gold standard for free-to-play FPS games. The game is set to come out on the PS4 and will run at the PC version’s ultra settings and in 1080p at 60 frames per second. It’s a team-based game where sure, you can try to tackle a ton of enemies at one time, but it’s much harder. The customization system allows you to tailor a character that doesn’t just fit your preferences, but also fits in well with the team.  The game is territory-based, so it’s a bit like Qix in that regard. There’s no AI in the game, which makes the game’s massive scope that much more impressive. You’ll have dozens of people per match and the size of the in-game world is massive. The game’s menus are going to be revamped to be controller-friendly, and the devs want to make the game feel like a AAA-level game that just happens to be free-to-play. The release is hopefully going to be in 2014, but they’re not going to rush since there’s no real competition for a game of their breadth on the PS4, so they’re taking their time to deliver the best product possible.