DoomGLES Released on the OUYA

With Battlefield Hardline’s beta and Destiny’s alpha making waves within gaming now, it’s important to not forget about the genre’s past. The OUYA’s storefront just got a revamped version of the original Doom in the form of DoomGLES. This version comes with the Doom shareware game, Freedom, Freedom 2, Wonderful Doom, and Requium for $4. If you just want to mess around a bit, you can, as there is a free portion of the game available. This incarnation of Doom is the best you’ll likely get on a console as it has 3D hardware acceleration and a more modern control scheme. The now-traditional twin-stick and trigger setup is used, with face buttons also being useable if you so desire. It’s amazing how much more fun an ancient game becomes with a fresh coat of paint and some redone controls.¬† The modernization makes this the most fun version of the game to play on a console, and if you’ve got an OUYA, you should at least check out the free portion.