Rhythm Destruction Lands On Steam Today

Remember Rhythm Destruction?  The music/vertical shooter came out a bit over a year ago after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and as of today it’s finally available on Steam.  It was a long trek through the Greenlight process, but through a combination of community effort and Valve’s more proactive stance on letting in new content, the journey to PC gaming’s big storefront is finally complete.  The time between the May 26 Greenlight and June 16th launch hasn’t been devoted to paper-pushing either, as Rhythm Destruction goes live with plenty of achievements and Steam trading cards to collect.  With the big Steam Summer Sale on the horizon, those cards will be extra-helpful in earning another Mysterious Badge.

Rhythm Destruction is an interesting fusion of the vertical arcade shooter with Parappa-style button presses timed to the musical beat, with the occasional warp sequence and bullet-hell boss encounter thrown in for good measure.  While I’ll admit that my review wasn’t the most positive, it wasn’t particularly negative either and other reviewers were far more appreciative.  Reviews are subject to quantum states, meaning that it’s impossible to be wrong if you’ve done the job right.  Rhythm Destruction has some good ideas that it explores thoroughly, big boss encounters with intricate bullet patterns to dodge, and some very catchy tunes to shoot everything to.  For $5.00 it’s worth a look, at the very least.