E3 2014 Best Indie Game

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Best Indie Game

Costume Quest 2
Charm is a strange attribute. It’s a facet of gaming that, when properly utilized, can transform an experience from a gathering of typical fodder concepts — such as turn based combat — into an enthralling epic. 2010’s Costume Quest harnessed the jovial charm of a thousand Halloweens, condensing all the tongue-in-cheek silliness, child-on-monster combat, and imaginative storytelling into a single game, essentially engaging those players far too old to sow their trick-or-treating oats without an accompanying child. Double Fine, the brilliant minds behind the original, weren’t in the business of shaking the foundation. Instead, they decided to expand on the games strongest aspects in every conceivable way, with larger areas to explore, more creative monsters to battle, an insane amount of hilarious costumes to tinker with and, most importantly perhaps, more charm than you could fit in a sack full of tooth-rotting goodness.

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