E3 2014 Best Tech

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Best Tech

Astro A38
Astro is very much known for their hardcore gaming headsets, and while they’re dominating in that space, there’s one area they could expand to: mobile. Millions upon millions of people have iOS, Android or Windows based phones, so what better way to break into a new market than introduce an attractive, sleek and somewhat affordable pair of headphones. With a strong focus on clarity and mobility, Astro is bringing the newly introduced A38 headphones to the market in a couple of months, featuring wireless Bluetooth functionality. We were able to get our hands on the model at E3 and didn’t want to put them down. It’s surprisingly lightweight and incredibly easy to sync with your phone. The sound quality is top notch, and better yet, it’s not solely restricted to handheld devices as it will work with anything that contains Bluetooth capabilities. Astro A38 is on its way to become the decisive wireless option for headphones.

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