World’s Largest Video Game Collection Sold

If you and a group of skilled friends are interested in owning the world’s largest video game collection, you better cue an Ocean’s Eleven montage. The auction for Guinness World Records’ largest female repellent has apparently ended, with $750,250 on the chart. The collection, posted to GameGavel a mere week ago, skyrocketed from its pocket change bids to the astronomical number after two — possibly long standing — rivals began a bidding war of sorts.

Assuming that the auction winner isn’t a scam artist out to annoy the internet, he’s certainly in for a treat. Over 11,000 games and 100 consoles were included in the collection, most of which are sealed or in mint condition. Included is also the Guinness award itself, which is sure to fancy up any wall in a home.

However, the real winner is Michael Thomasson, the man behind the games. Spending only $3000 per year during a 20 year period, and exploiting his position as an independent gaming store[s] operator, he’s managed to amass the collection without spending a fraction of the selling price. In a discussion with RETRO, Thomasson said, “I rarely pay more than $10 to $15 for anything — so, most of my items were bought inexpensively.” That’s quite the profit margin.

With his collection possibly sold, Thomasson isn’t out of the game yet. He intends on competing with the purchaser for the record once his financial obligations are dealt with. Hopefully, he’ll sell it all again after I’ve struck oil or gold or whatever can make me rich enough to never leave the house again.