GOG Begins DRM-Free Summer Sale

GOG is known as the place to go for getting older games at an excellent price, while also ensuring that they run on modern setups. Their summer sale has begun with a giant flash sale that allows you to get Magrunn: Dark Pulse for free. Other huge deals include the D&D Masterset for $21, all Heroes of Might & Magic games for $17, a slew of Bullfrog Classics for $10, and the Wing Commander Saga for $10 as well. Ultima Complete Saga is $7, while the Risen Saga is $8. A Leisure Suit Larry Compilation will only cost you $4, while the entire RollerCoaster Tycoon Series is $9. Rebellion’s entire back catalog is only $17, while the classic Hitman games can all be yours for $5. Might & Magic’s RPGs can be yours for $8.50, while an Action-Platformer Bundle with Guacamelee is only $8. A Rayman Collection is available for $10 with Origins included, while the entire Legacy of Kain Saga is only $6. Classic Thief games can be yours for $6, while Sam and Max will only set you back $10. Individual games on flash sales include Dustforce for $2, Ittle Dew for $2, and Broken Age for $12.50.