Resogun: Heroes DLC On The Way

Resogun is one of the prettiest and most fun games that has been released on PS4 thus far. Released with the console at launch as a downloadable digital game, Housemarque set the bar high for the Indie market. 7 months have passed since the games release and now Resogun is set to receive it’s first DLC pack. The pack will be titled “Heroes” and will include 2 new game modes called “Survival” and “Demolition.”

Survival is an endurance run that tests how long you can last without being blown to cubes (pun intended). Survival mode will also feature a new day/night cycle, which can only enhance the games stunning visuals. Also incoming is a patch which will add a new leaderboard, new friend functions, and local co-op. The patch will be out on 23 June with the Heroes pack coming on 24 June for $5. Get ready to immerse yourself in Resogun once again.