Civilization Revolution 2 Announced For iOS Devices

Sid Meier made a bold step in 2008 when Firaxis Games launched Civilization Revolution on consoles and mobile devices.  This was the first Civilization game to launch on these devices, and was the last on consoles.  Not mobile devices though.  Firaxis Games have announced Civilization Revolution 2, which is coming to iOS devices in July and Android devices in the near future.

Civilization Revolution 2 was designed from the ground up for iOS and Android devices, unlike its predecessor.  Firaxis promises that graphics and touch controls have been tailored to support these devices as best as possible.  The game will feature all the same leaders from the first game alongside new figures like John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill.

Though a spin-off of the main franchise, Civilization Revolution 2 plays very much like an entry in the main franchise.  Players will choose a civilization and guide it to world domination.  Victory is achieved through military might, culture, economic, or scientific means.  The big difference between the spin-off and the main franchise is that Civilization Revolution and its sequel have a much smaller scale.

Civilization Revolution 2 is out on compatible iOS devices July 2, and on Android devices sometime in the near future.