Breaking Ground in the Mobile Space with Astro Gaming’s A38

Arguably the world’s finest gaming equipment designers, Astro Gaming is continuing to innovate within the hardcore headset space. Instead of just upgrading their existing models, the company is looking to a wider, more accessible audience. Why should Harman, Bose, Creative and other manufacturers rule the headphones market when Astro has a perfectly good business model that can be adapted to the masses? Thus, the company is introducing the A38 model, a compact and fully mobile wireless headset that will be available within the next couple of months.

For a wireless headset, the Astro A38 is incredibly lightweight. While we only had a few minutes with the device, it didn’t feel like something that would weigh down your head even after hours of use. In fact, it barely felt like anything was on my head at the time. This is particularly great considering its core target demographic: mobile users. While the company is known for their top-of-the-line dedicated gaming headsets, this modelis aimed more towards the average consumer with a phone or tablet. Of course if buyers wish to use the device for games, they’re more than welcome to, but they’ll need a Bluetooth 3.0 compatible motherboard to do so.


Battery life is one of the most important factors of any wireless device and thankfully the A38 doesn’t skimp. Users are will be able to use twenty hours of music and fifteen hours of talk-time before the battery runs completely dry, and a charge to 100% only takes around five hours. That’s less than a full night’s rest to fully charge the device for an entire day’s use. The overall sound quality is crystal clear and syncing with my Nexus 5 phone takes mere seconds. There’s also a well hidden noise-cancelling microphone to be found, along with various buttons for track and volume control. As per usual with headphones, there’s one large, lengthy cushion resting at the top of the headband, and adjustable arms to better fit your head.

Of course as an Astro headse, the A38 comes with completely customizable speaker tags. These allow users wear their tastes on their sleeves (or rather, their ears) with nearly a hundred different plates available for purchase. From Watch Dogs to Metal Gear Solid or Plants vs. Zombies, there’s something here for everybody. Of course they have others that aren’t gaming-related for those looking for unique styles or art, but this is a company that gears their products toward the hardcore gaming market. It was also announced that Astro Gaming is teaming up with Microsoft to create new Halo-branded gear so that fans can show their devotion to Master Chief. More details will be revealed over time.


While the wireless A38 was beta tested earlier this year, Astro is targeting July or August for the full release with a price point at $229.99. It will be available in two different color sets (white/yellow or grey/blue) and even comes with a spiffy protective case to take on the go or use for storage. Despite only having a few minutes with the device, I think the Astro A38 is on the fast track to becoming the ultimate wireless listening option for gamers on the go. It has all the features you could ask for, and it’s a comfortable fit to boot.