Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Hits OUYA For $5

Unearthed first hit Steam in January, and now, the Uncharted-inspired game is available for the OUYA. The promotional screens for it on the OUYA’s storefront look incredible – the problem is that the same screenshots are used for the Steam page, so it’s impossible to tell if the game will actually look as good as it appears on the OUYA. The trailer on both the Steam page and the OUYA store shows off some fairly impressive production values for a $5 product – even if it also has some iffy things like tires that don’t move in the driving sequence. If you’ve got the OUYA and still have the $5 promotional credit they gave away when Broken Age hit the system, pick it up. Otherwise, you’re probably better off getting the PC version for the same price since it likely looks better. Also, $5 is the cost of just the first chapter, so the entire experience will cost more – there doesn’t appear to be an option to buy all of the chapters in advance like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us.